Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will Next Time Come Too Late?

We have all been guilty of: "I'll do it next time" or "Maybe next time."
Whether it is visiting, chores, purchasing something, or maybe even telling someone something we should have said right then and there but something held us back.

Then of course there are the times when waiting was a good thing. Such as when you saw
a piece of clothing in the store that was a little too pricey, or the tool that was just what you needed but again it was the price that stopped you. Waiting until the time was right for the price. Can't go wrong there.

But what about when it comes to visiting someone. Is the visit going to take you out of your way of better things to do? When will the right time come?

How about the phone call you meant to make. The person on the other end was promised that soon, real soon, you would be in contact with them again. When will the right time come?

The time you saw someone in need and you said, "Someone will come along and help them out. I'm not going to worry about it." When will the right time to make a move to give a helping hand come?

Will the next time be the right time when it involves you? Sick in bed and in need of help to get you a nice cup of tea that would help with that sore throat? Furniture that is just too heavy to move by yourself and you need a helping hand? A piece of information that you need to take the next step in decision making?

If we all took the time to reach out and help, no matter if it is a relative, neighbor, stranger.
We would be at least able to live with ourselves with the satisfaction of knowing that next time was now instead of later. We all need to think hard and reach out.

At times when my elderly mother gets exasperated with something around the house I find it so easy to ask, "Mom, can I help?" I don't do it for the pleasure, but it warms my heart when she looks up with a surprised look on her face that is actually relief that someone has come to her rescue. She is alone without a partner.

I am her daughter and come to her aid quite frequently. Even when she says, "We need a man around the house." I just smile to myself and do what she asks.

It takes nothing to extend your hand in kindness. I find time to do this more often than usual. During marketing, shopping for clothes, shoes, etc. because just when you least expect it, your turn comes....


Anonymous said...

Cindy, as the king of the procrastinators, or so my wife calls me, I understand what you're saying. I've missed a lot of opportunities by waiting too long.

Tamara Hughes said...

Very wise advice, Cindy.

Carol said...

Thanks, Cindy! Good reminder for us all!

Especially losing my father recently, I've learned just how important this is!

unwriter said...

I've probably missed a lot of opportunities over the years, but as it is now, I stop to help whenever I can.

cruizen4u said...

Thank you for your support and leaving a comment. I too have to keep my promise of not procrastinating. Take care.

Cindy Hernandez

Sandy said...

I do think a lot for family and a bit for friends (most of my friends are online. I'm alone a fair amount as my husband's work takes him out of town so I am often the one in need of assistance. We really do need to help each other out in life.

Neko Kin

Helen Ginger said...

Sometimes we're too busy or we're tired of helping out or we feel the person should be able to do it herself. But the worst thing is to look back later, sometimes years later, and say, I should have done this, I should have helped, I should have been more understanding.

Morgan Mandel said...

You are so right. The older you get, the more you realize that people you love won't be with you much longer. They leave when you least expect it.

Morgan Mandel