Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soft As Velvet and Smooth As Wine

I read an article by Mark Flanagan of regarding the writer Sue Monk Kidd. Better known as the writer of "The Secret Life of Bees". Let me tell you as a writer, even though unpublished at this time, I find Sue's stories so soothing. To be able to write a story that captures the readers hearts in the first paragraph I find could only be a gift from God himself.

The story flows and envelopes you. I find only limited things can do that to me unless it is a movie like "Sleepless in Seattle" or "You've Got Mail" or still yet "When a Man Loves a Woman". Now there are quite a few more than have caught my attention but none so much in the written word of books. Sue I find must be a pleasant person who sees things differently than most and can write about anything that some can't.

I write fiction romance and some day hope to be published. Having written one complete novel with three waiting to be, I always knew I wanted to write a book. Of course I have poems galore that I have written since I was thirteen years old, but the dream I always had was to write something spectacular as "Gone With The Wind" or "Wuthering Heights".

Finding something as wonderful as this story "The Secret Life of Bees" warmed my heart and gave me courage to continue in my writing. I thank Sue Monk Kidd for giving me hope and I pray my writing will be like her's, soft as velvet and smooth as wine.