Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Again

Remember when the advertising blurbs came out for Lipstick Jungle? I couldn't wait until it was on. Every week I waited. Turned the phone off, let family members know that while this program was on the "Do Not Disturb" sign was on the door!

Wendy (Brooke Shields), with her soft but suttle ways to speak up in a man's world. Nico (Kim Raver), who could seduce, immasculate, and neuter a man before he knew what hit him. Victory (Lindsay Price), who though has that little girl doll face, could whip something up to wear and look like she never broke a sweat.

The three of these young ladies were Lethal Weapons in their own right. They are talented, know their craft and pulled it off in a no nonsense series that was never given a chance. The good programs are always cancelled while they are still being shaped into the programs we grew to love. No matter how short their tv life was I grew to love the way these women carried themselves.

Sex In The City had nothing on them. Though I do think Sarah Jessica Parker is talented in her own way. I really thought that Lipstick Jungle was THE ONE program that would last for longer than it did.

I am sorry to see that this happened and I can see why people are starting to rent movies more and more. The only thing that I can do to remedy my disappointment is to buy the series at my local Best Buy store.

I wish all three of them well and I hope to see them in the future, either together or separately....

Ever Growing Passion

Do you feel the fire
when we kiss good night

Do you wish to see me
beneath the pale moonlight

The moon and stars
dancing in your eyes
Our lips longing for more

Take me in your arms
make my heart beat fast

Tell me how much you love me
Please make this feeling last

Do you feel the fire
when we kiss good night

Do you wish to see me
beneath the pale moonlight

Copyright 2007 Cynthia Hernandez

Tiny Little Miracle

Looking at the ultrasound
Seeing you so small
I wonder what you're thinking
You look just like a doll
Soon you will be in my arms
I will hold you oh so tight
Wondering if you will ever know
The prayers I say at night
Thanking God for giving me
The person I will come to know
As my tiny little miracle
When you're finally home.

Copyright 2009 Cynthia Hernandez

My Heart Found a Valentine

My heart is beating faster
A breath I cannot take

Wondering what this could be
A feeling I cannot fake

My heart has found a Valentine
I can't believe it's true

I found what makes my heart sing
My valentine is you

Written by Cindy Hernandez

Bad Day in Cindyville

Well, I am sure we have all had one of those days when all hell breaks loose and you are right smack dab in the middle of it. I sure was today and I would feel better if I let it all out. Ready? Here goes:

I received a check in the mail from the Dept. of Rehab, to start school for medical transcription. I had preselected a school already. So I call the counselor for the
class and ask if I should take this check to her/admissions seeing as how the registration date was coming up on the 4th of March.

The counselor informs me that registration would be via computer only. I would have to bring the check to the first day of class and even then I couldn't be guaranteed a place in the class. Mind you I had been going between the two counselors at Rehab and the school. There wasn't anything we didn't cover...I thought.

I emailed my other counselor through Dept. of Rehab and informed him I no longer want to attend this school.

Then I decided to check up on the book I ordered from a well known bookstore. Boy, I must have woken up on the wrong day. I tracked my book from the day I ordered it on Feb. 13th to present (Feb. 18th, 21st, 24th). It was being shipped from New Jersey, I live in California. Coming first through DHL to USPS, then to my local post office. Which was all well and good. I just wished I knew it was coming from New Jersey! I would have walked inside the store which is two blocks away. At the time I couldn't and thought this would be faster. I just came from the mailbox and there sat my book, today is the 25th of February.

As the day grows I read a very sad blog that brought tears to my eyes. By this time I wanted to go to my bed and pull the covers over my head. Maybe start again the next day.

My poor mother just came to the kitchen table to tell me that she has a leak in her bathroom and all the water from the tank is on the floor. AAAAAH! I handed her a telephone number of a plumber friend and they were able to come out today. In less than two hours.

Now let me get this straight, the toilet can be fixed but my life is still in ruins as far as education goes. Go figure. Writing has become my life and even though I can stop and start, it has become my comfort and life saver. Don't get me wrong, I still believe in the Almighty.

He is the one thing that is my first constant in life. What keeps me on the straight and narrow. I just tend to wander every now and again. Not to mention gripe a little along the way. I better go pray for myself. That's a whole other blog unto itself!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Dream The Impossible Dream

The sound of shoes meeting the ground in quick steps were accompanied by short breaths as he burst through the door. Throwing his heavy overcoat on a nearby chair, eyes darting around the room.

Pulling off his tie he searched the rooms of the one story house, the bedroom, bathroom, frontroom and next the kitchen in exasperation.

Stopping in his tracks, the corners of his mouth turned up. The tension of his body relaxed as he put his arms around her, the only person he trusted with every fiber of his being.

The tears fell upon their cheeks as they both reflected upon his success of becoming the first black president of the United States of America.....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Reaching Out

When you found yourself in need of comfort for what ever reason and you let it be known, how long did it take for someone to respond? When you heard the cry for help from someone unknown to you, how long did it take for you to respond? When it is you in the position of answering the call do you wait for others to respond before you make a move?

I have asked myself these very questions. I have even wished for a friend that I could vent to, visit without invitation, have a cup of coffee with in the morning while we discuss our inner most dreams. Many friends have come and gone only three remain out of all of them. One from high school that I found searching on the internet. The other two I used to work with, they email or text me every other day.

I had a close friend and I use the term loosely. Turns out that I was the only friend in the relationship. By the time she figured out why I wasn't talking to her anymore I had cut her off. No more accepting calls that wound up with her telling me all her drama and me never getting to say my piece. At first I made the excuse that she really needed a shoulder to cry on. The whole five years were like that. She would call my cell phone, text me or call my home number. If I didn't answer one she would call the other number simultaneously. A co-worker that witnessed it said they call that STALKING. Then it started at home and my mother was witness to it she was shocked and said the same thing. It has been 3 months since I've heard from her.

This didn't stop me from making other friends. I am just a little more careful about choosing them.

On the other hand I have also had the opportunity to make friends that reached out to me. Either in person or over the internet. Writing has become a tool that has been useful for me in this respect. I have reached out to others through my writing. It is as if my heart has taken over and pours out what my true self is all about.

One of my neighbors invited me to a neighborhood barbeque. She had these every so often so everyone could meet and get to know eachother. This time I accepted and actually went. I had the time of my life. My next door neighbor who would wave as she passed talked to me for over two hours. We had a lot in common!

I had come from a neighborhood where I lived for most of my teen and adult life. Everybody knew everybody and their kids and parents. My mother and step-father were getting older and decided to move to a smaller house in the next city. Not one neighbor greeted them. After my step-father died I moved in with my mother. Still no welcome. Now it has been four years and I decided I needed to make the first move.

I'm the kind of person who waves and says hello to everyone. But I guess not everyone is ready for that kind of friendliness. Not until I went to the barbeque! We laughed, we talked, we listened to music. I had a blast. Now when I go for my morning paper I get the waves and hello's that I prayed for.

So what is the real lesson here?

I have learned that if I am to make a decision that I want a friend and what my expectations are from the relationship.....I first have to ask myself what kind of friend will I be? I have to be able to meet the challenge of what I expect in a friend. What I entrust I must also trust. So you see it is a two way system. And the answer is simple. All it takes is reaching out....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

How Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day was once thought to be a holiday for lovers. You hear of boyfriends shopping for the
ultimate gift for their girlfriends and vice versa. The guy that would be the topic of conversation among
his friends, family and neighbors for giving the gift that surpassed all others. See the panic in people's eyes
as they rummaged through stores not being able to afford what they wanted to give. Thus settling on
something less hoping for the best.

When did the art of giving gifts become so stressful? Where does it say that only lovers were eligible to
celebrate this holiday? Unfortunate as it seems the holiday is upon us once again. Should we try to get
ready for it as we do Christmas, shopping two or three months ahead of time?

I myself am not involved with anyone so I don't have that problem. But I am going to celebrate it
with someone I love. My mother. She lost her husband three years ago to Alzheimer's.
Her life partner and friend. I know a daughter is hardly anyone to replace a life partner but for now it
will do, for her. She is older now and though we have our time of difficulties the good out weigh the bad.

So when everyone is saying, "Happy Valentine's Day!" I will be wishing this same thing for my mother. I
do love her. After all she was the one who held my hand through the good times and bad. The scary times
when school separated me from my comfort zone at home. When the bell rang I knew I would soon be in
the comfort of her arms once more.

I am expecting my first grandchild in six months and can hardly wait until the time comes when I can
share holidays with her/him. My mother and I plan to love the baby with all our hearts which is what
it is truly all about right?

Valentine's Day may just be every day when you really look at it. When love can be given away freely.
From one person to another without reservation and never expecting anything in return. How will
you spend this day?