Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pencil and Paper, Where Art Thou!

I knew the day would come. I suppose it happens to other people, just not me.... You turn on the computer just to stare at a black screen. Your head does the dog tilt to one side, then you play with every button you think will help. Plugging, unplugging, checking the router, etc. When it becomes apparent that short of a miracle the darn thing isn't going to do what you want it to, you start making your calls.

At first I called the company that I have Internet access through only to be told they don't do technical work. They give you the telephone number to the maker of your computer and wish you luck. I spoke to someone in India then the Philippines. I was told that I would be receiving an empty box for the computer. To place my computer in the box and ship back to them for repair. I received the box in two days and shipped the box back immediately. The only thing I could do was track the package but couldn't find out what kind of repair was being done when I got an email stating they were sending my computer back to me.

Two days later I received my computer with the repair notice at no charge. It was not a virus as I suspected when I saw the Bios Password come across the screen, but only the black box that is part of the power cord. One end of the cord plugs into the wall with the other end in the box. Then another cord plugs into the box while the other end plugs into the computer. This little black box caused so much grief. I was praying that it wasn't something that was going to cost me an arm and a leg to fix. Then the realization of what was on the computer that I couldn't retrieve, such as my three novels. One I just finished, the other two that I was in the process of writing. My short stories, my poems, etc. Ahhhhh!

Is it wrong of me to think back to a simpler time when pencil and paper was all you had to worry about? Or a sharpened pencil? A preference of pen or pencil? Lined or unlined paper? All I know is that it all seemed pretty good to me. More control over things with pencil and paper! I grew up with manual typewriters, micro film, mechanical pencils, etc. My sons grew up with computers, as will my granddaughter. I have taken classes, I have gotten into the computer to better understand what is happening, I have pestered my oldest son over and over about certain programs and such. I just finished advanced classes but I think my next step will be to get into the meat of the computer. Find out what makes it tick and why. I am certainly all for new ventures and exploring all that the future has to offer in computers. But I really don't think I will forever "back up" my work by writing it all down. Crashing computers will not take my life over again. I will write my notes on paper no matter what anybody says. It's just as plain as that.