Monday, March 9, 2009

When You Can't Say A Word

Have you ever been told by a friend, relative or significant other, "Whatever you do, don't say a word!"

Your mind is now going in a million different directions and you are wondering why this person is telling you this. Then it happens, the news is now crossing your side of the room and into your ears. A series of events start to take place.

First, you gasp, your eyes widen and your mouth drops open. Second, your heart starts racing. Third, you are already thinking of ten people you would like to give this juicy news to. Stop. You have just been told not to say a word remember?

You begin to rationalize. Maybe this person really wouldn't mind if you told a couple of your closest friends. They don't know each other so that would be okay, right?
Then you wonder if anybody ever died of withholding any news inside of themselves by imploding. Exploding? High blood pressure from too much excitement?

Why on God's green earth did they have to tell YOU of all people. Walking around your house going from room to room and stomping your feet doesn't help. You begin to wonder what you are going to do.

What's left? Maybe the cat would sit long enough for you to get it all out of your system. But you have to feed him/her first, then quietly sit next to them on the floor and look around the room while you are spilling the news. That helps. No eye contact and you can just say the cat over heard the conversation. Perhaps the neighbor down the street that never talks to you but waves occasionally?

Why am I telling you this? Because my mother's birthday is the 13th of this month and she will be 76 years old. She will have surprises all day long into the next day. My oldest son and I will be orchestrating all of this. Which means all of the happy news remains with me. A birthday breakfast, then later in the day birthday cake and presents. The next day will be dinner at a nice French restaurant. It is a secret. A surprise. Can't say anything. Just great....

My son works and is away from my mother, so no temptation there. As for me, I am with my mother all day, all the time. Geez. I try to keep writing my stories on the computer or writing how-to articles. But as luck would have it every now and again I look up at her sitting at the table and wish I could spill the beans. My mother smiles and asks me if I am okay. Of course my son would have what is called I believe, a caniption? I have never even ventured at trying to spell the word, yet I have seen it happen quite a few times in my presence.

So, here lies the problem or maybe even the solution if I think about it long enough. I have to keep quiet. When I feel like spilling the beans I will go to my room, take a deep breath and give myself a stern talking to. Then return to my computer.

My computer, hmmm. Hey, wait a minute. OMG! I can tell the people in my group and my mother will never find out. Oh lucky me. What a wonderful way to get all these secrets out!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you're good at restraint. I have a hard time.


Ps. good blog, well done.

unwriter said...

I take it your mother is not a computer user? I can teach her.

Grace Brooks said...

It's so difficult not to say a word when someone makes you promise not to say a word. good post.

Tamara Hughes said...

Funny! And what a fun secret to keep. Happy Birthday to your mother.

conarnold said...

Thanks for sharing your little secret, Cynthia! Hope it helps you keep the surprise for your mom and that she has a wonderful birthday!

cruizen4u said...
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