Saturday, November 21, 2009


At one time or another you will contemplate certain things in your life. Some good, some bad, but none the less they make us reflect.

I was sitting on a bench in the park thinking about what good things I could reflect on. I would have to say it would be the birth of my granddaughter in July of this year. Truly a blessing, every day a miracle. She was a preemie at under five pounds and was kept in the hospital for almost a week after birth because her little tummy wasn't the size of an average newborn.

Finally after a few days she had reached five pounds and was discharged from the hospital. I think a true miracle every time I hold her in my arms. Someone so small that can bring such a humongous happiness into our lives. A smile that can bring you to your knees, a gurgle that can bring tears to your eyes, with a laugh that can bring both.

I am truly blessed, very thankful and most of all accepting of all that it comes with. I thank God every day for all that I have and pray that He will help me through what I am in need of.

As all those blessed enough to have shopped for Thanksgiving dinner, please remember the less fortunate. Give if you can to a local church or wherever they are collecting for a family in need. Even one can of corn or whatever you can give, it doesn't take much and a little goes a long way.

Contemplate your blessings and make your goal to focus on others and what you can do to make this world a better place to live. This year has been one that I very proud to say I heard on the news or read in the paper that many youngsters have taken up the project of giving to others in need. We adults could learn something from them.

Blessings...they come when we least expect them. Share your good fortune at whatever level of life you are will never regret it and sometimes the good Lord lets us see how it affected others. Either way, you get that warm feeling that you helped your fellow man and we should all remember that feeling and try to continue every chance we get...

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